Loyalty Cards

I ❤ McSorleys

If you’re a student and you love deals, then having an I <3 McSorleys card is the way to go. Whether you’re after a free burger with your pint on a Friday, cheaper rounds on selected drinks or finger food when you watch a bit of footy, an I <3 McSorleys card is a must! Don’t get us started on the 25% off all food items too! In order to qualify for your I <3 McSorleys card just show us your valid student ID and you’ll be on your way!

Step One: Visit the bar

Come to McSorley’s any day of the week.

Step Two: Apply at the bar

Show us your Student ID at the bar, and sure why not get a drink while you’re there?

Step Three: Start enjoying the benefits

Claim your FREE burger every Friday and 25% off all food EVERY DAY